Airbnb Masterclass ( Pre-Recorded Training)
Why Airbnb is a game changer for renovators.
How short term rental can change your investment strategy.
The critical steps to list an awesome listing.
How to transform your spare room to increase your cash flow.

Short term rental ( including airbnb) is a powerful strategy with an insane return. 

Every man and his dog has a listing but the reality is that 1% of the airbnb hosts are making 20% of the revenue.

So for every dollar an ordinary host makes , a skilled host will make twenty.

Why?   Some of the additional income is due to multiple listings but 63% of it is due to good marketing , strategic listing and good hosting skills.

Thats where we come in.  If  you  would like to have a quick chat with Bernadette to see if we can help, you can book below.

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